The Differences Between EZ-TUBE and EZ-PIER

At EZ-CRETE, our EZ-TUBE and EZ-PIER products are innovatively designed and manufactured to allow a fast and efficient installation at your job site with no mixing and no cure time. At first glance, it may not be immediately clear whether to choose the EZ-TUBE or the EZ-PIER footings for your project. Let’s break down the differences between EZ-TUBE and EZ-PIER footings to ensure you choose the right product for your project.


The EZ-TUBE is our patented stackable deck footing. This is the best product for you if you don’t have a forklift at your jobsite because you can stack each piece and set it in place. As a result, you create a strong, durable, secure footing to build your structure. EZ-TUBE features a precast concrete exterior with a galvanized anchor rod running through the center. This design allows you to install the necessary support quickly.

Unlike the materials you have to mix and cure on-site, the precast concrete EZ-TUBE materials arrive ready to install—no curing necessary!


Our EZ-PIER is a precast concrete footing that is ready to build on immediately! The EZ-PIER is one solid footing structure, so you will need a forklift to pick it up and install it. It’s manufactured within our climate-controlled manufacturing facility once it arrives on the job site—with no mess and no cure time to contend with—so it’s easy to install. EZ-PIER footings are ideal for many applications, including decks, porches, garages, remote buildings, tiny homes, container buildings, and building additions.

The precast concrete exterior of EZ-PIER products wraps around a rebar rod in the center to provide a strong anchor for the aforementioned structures. Relying on precast concrete when you need footings ensures that, even in harsh weather conditions, you can quickly install a durable support system that withstands the elements.

Deciding Factors for Your Project

Before selecting materials, you should consider more than design details. For instance, EZ-PIER footings are heavy-duty. If you need lightweight materials, you can turn to EZ-TUBE products. Each EZ-TUBE concrete footer tube has an upper section weighing 70 pounds. Although it’s lightweight, this product has an impressive average load strength of 135,000 pounds! Now that you understand the differences between EZ-TUBE and EZ-PIER, choose the right precast concrete support system for your needs so you can start building ASAP!