Benefits of Using Precast Concrete in Inclement Weather

Choosing the right building materials for residential and commercial projects requires assessing potential hazards. Weather conditions are among the biggest challenges construction workers face. Luckily, building materials like precast concrete can withstand harsh weather. Check out our guide to the top benefits of using precast concrete in inclement weather.

Efficient Installation

One of the greatest benefits of precast concrete is that it makes residential and commercial construction projects more efficient. Harsher weather conditions present safety issues for the construction crew and the materials they use. For example, cold temperatures make it difficult to pour and cure concrete, which is why reliable alternatives exist. Using ready mix cement adds multiple trips to the job site and slows down the overall project. Precast concrete arrives on-site as a finished product.

At EZ-CRETE, we manufacture precast concrete in a controlled environment. This guarantees the Master Precasters can optimize temperature settings and overall climate control to ensure we’re making the strongest, most reliable precast concrete products. Utilizing precast concrete allows you to keep building and not be slowed down by inclement weather. You can install a finished product on the construction site that can handle the ever-changing weather conditions.

Impressive Strength

While a quick and efficient installation is helpful, it shouldn’t come at the cost of structural integrity. Our precast concrete products can handle the weather long after the installation. Unlike wooden building materials, precast concrete doesn’t require extensive ongoing maintenance and it doesn’t wither away over time.

Precast concrete is a reliable building block in many structures. We offer our EZ-PIER product that is a precast footing for structures such as small homes, remote buildings, garages, and decks. Support for these projects must be long-lasting and durable, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Lower Costs

One of the most helpful benefits of using precast concrete in inclement weather is that it reduces labor costs. As mentioned, working with concrete on-site requires laborious pouring and long cure times. The longer your crew has to work on-site, the more logistics you have to balance, and the higher your labor costs become. Plus, extreme weather, such as excessive cold and heat, presents hazardous working conditions for employees. Long projects can become more complicated logistically.

Precast concrete is ready to install, so you don’t have to worry about extensive curing or clean-up processes. Plus, the durability of precast concrete ensures you won’t have to repair these building materials. Lower maintenance costs mean precast concrete lasts a long time. Use precast concrete on your next construction job to make the process more efficient without hindering the quality.