We’re proud of this company –

We started by bustin’ our knuckles on a well-used batch plant that we bought for peanuts. After bringing the ‘Old Girl’ back to life we started producing small loads of ready-mix concrete with local homeowners and contractors in mind.

Not long after that, we started getting into precast concrete product development.

EZ-TUBE was born from doodles on a scrap of paper. The idea is simple; a precast concrete modular deck footing that makes your job easy. Soon, with some determination and innovation, we started manufacturing EZ-TUBE in our own facility, and, as luck would have it, the demand was there.

Since then we have innovated several other precast concrete product lines, including EV-Charging Station Bases, Bollards, Pro-Pad as well as Precast Generator Pads, and a better than average solid precast concrete footing.

Our product development credo is very simple. We want to make products that solve high value problems for our customers; make your job simpler, easier, or faster to complete – so you can spend less time mixing concrete or waiting for the delivery and more time building.

If you like our products, we would love to hear from you.

Brice Raynor | Owner | EZ-Crete


1. Make quality, durable precast concrete products
2. Stay at the forefront of innovation
3. Provide a superior customer experience