EZ-TUBE stacks and is ready to build on in minutes

Forget Mixing. Keep Building.

With no mixing, no mess and no cure time, EZ-TUBE is a patented, stackable, pre-cast deck-footing designed to streamline your building process. Just prep the site as normal, stack the sections, and you’re ready to build within minutes, rain or shine.


  • FAST – Installs and is ready to build on in minutes.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Upper sections weigh 70 lbs.
  • EASY – No Mixing, No Mess, No Clean-up.
  • SOLID – Base section easily rolls into place and drops into hole once anchor is inserted.
  • STRONG – Engineering performed by the UNH Engineering Dept. shows an average load strength of 135,000 lbs.
  • FLEXIBLE – Can be used with or without a base section.

How many footings does your project require? Take a look at this helpful article.