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that Solve Real World Problems

Our mission is to produce premium precast concrete products designed to save you time, effort, and money. With a bold, innovative approach to design, engineering, and manufacturing, we offer a diverse range of precast concrete solutions for building, construction, EV charging, solar, electrical, utility, telecom professionals, and homeowners.

Precast Concrete Specialists

EZ-CRETE is a New England-based precast concrete manufacturer that provides a range of precast concrete products for building, construction, EV charging, solar, electrical, utility and telecom professionals. We bring an inventive mindset to every aspect of design engineering and manufacturing. A prime example of this ingenuity is our patented flagship product, EZ-TUBE, which revolutionizes footing installations for decks, porches, sheds, additions, and more. Our innovative precast concrete designs simplify the build process while saving you time and effort.

EZ-CRETE Makes Your Job Easier

Cut down on labor expenses and speed up project schedules with our precast concrete solutions. 

We help you significantly slash installation time, bypass curing periods and build top-notch, long-lasting foundations for your projects that require little to no maintenance. From generator pads to EV-charging bases, to bollards and footings like EZ-PIER and EZ-TUBE, our precast products offer consistent excellence every time.

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five star review

"Working with EZ-CRETE has been a fantastic experience. Their customer service and knowledge in their products is superior. They are fast to respond to any emails or phone calls placed. Products received from EZ-CRETE are high quality and made with care, I strongly recommend you give them a call or swing by the shop to see what they can offer for you."

– Jonathan Gaouette, Installation Coordinator | Powers Guaranteed Services


EZ-CRETE began with hard work to renovate a well-used batch plant, restoring it back into a productive tool. Initially focusing on small batches of ready-mix concrete for local customers, the venture expanded into precast concrete products.

The flagship product, EZ-TUBE, was conceived from a simple idea on a scrap of paper and has since become patented. This modular deck footing, along with other innovative products like EV charging station bases and bollards, reflects a commitment to solving high-value problems for our customers. The goal is to simplify construction tasks, allowing you to spend less time on concrete mixing and more on project building.

Looking for something Custom?

Whether you’re a contractor interested in our precast solutions, an engineer looking for a custom design, a retailer or distributor intent on selling EZ-CRETE precast products, or a manufacturer looking for an OEM solution, we’re ready to help!