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Why Precast Concrete Yields A More Reliable Product

Metal, wood, and traditional poured concrete are common building materials, so why should you instead choose or add precast concrete to your next project?

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a stack of five precast concrete generator pads

1. Extreme Durability

Materials used to support structures require a stable construction that resists degradation. Many strong building materials exist, but precast concrete stands out due to its durability.

Many materials are susceptible to certain weather conditions that can cause them to deteriorate. While some metals are prone to corrosion, wood is prone to mold growth and moisture damage, especially if left untreated. Poured concrete is also difficult to install in inclement weather, which can compromise the integrity of the finished product.

Precast concrete is designed and manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions. EZ CRETE products are manufactured in a climate-controlled facility to help ensure that the concrete is mixed and cured in ideal conditions to produce the strongest, most durable product possible. For example, precast concrete can withstand intense heat and harsh cold without the need for preventative measures or maintenance. And unlike poured concrete, precast concrete can be installed in harsh conditions without compromising its integrity.

2. Climate-Controlled Manufacturing

Weather conditions during and after construction have a significant impact on building materials. For example, traditional poured concrete requires near ideal conditions and time to mix and cure so that it sets properly. Effective concrete setting depends on various factors, including temperature and moisture levels. If any of those factors are not ideal, the concrete can become compromised, leading to degradation. Precast concrete, however, does not require mixing or curing on the job site, removing uncertainty from the material installation and the reliability of the final product.

Using precast concrete means that you don’t have to worry about how extreme weather conditions might affect your materials. EZ-CRETE precast concrete is mixed, cured, and stored in a climate-controlled facility. These ideal conditions help ensure that you are using a strong, durable concrete product that can be installed in any conditions. And our quality control practices help guarantee that you’re using a strong product that will last.

3. Precise Quality Control

Because poured concrete installation is such a temperamental process, it can take a lot of time and resources away from other tasks on your project to achieve a quality product. Using precast concrete building materials allows the precast experts to monitor the process in a climate-controlled environment and evaluate the quality of the final product. This not only helps assure that you receive and use a superior product, but also frees up resources to focus on other areas of your project.

At EZ-CRETE, we continuously run our quality control protocols to test the overall strength and durability of our products. This process not only involves testing our final products, but also taking daily samples from each of our concrete mixes to test for specifications designated by the American Concrete Institute (ACI). These specifications include:

In addition to ACI standards, EZ-CRETE quality control practices include both pre- and post pour inspections, seven- and 28-day concrete strength tests, consistent equipment calibration, and stringent documentation for all tests.

With EZ-CRETE products, you can rest assured that you are using the highest-quality precast concrete for your project.

4. Efficient Project Timelines

Poured concrete can take days, sometimes weeks, to cure enough to the point where you can build on it. Inclement weather can drastically extend this timeline (and decrease concrete quality). Quality precast concrete has no cure time, and in most cases can be built on immediately, which can drastically reduce your project timeline and costs. Your crew can spend less time mixing and more time building.

Don’t let poured concrete slow down your project. Thanks to precast concrete, you can reduce downtime and your overall timeline.

5. Versatile Applications

Precast concrete is a reliable choice simply because of its versatility. It provides long-lasting support for structures in residential and commercial settings, so both homeowners and business owners can invest in building materials that keep their structures intact for a lifetime. For example, precast concrete can assist with building decks, porches, and curbside charging stations for electric vehicles. Precast concrete bollards, or short posts, can be installed in areas that require a security barrier. EZ-CRETE currently offers four bollard variations for various applications.

Contact us at sales@ez-crete.com to discuss your upcoming project and discover how using precast concrete can help you finish your project ahead of schedule and under budget while ensuring quality, strength, and durability.