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It's not just racking. It's not just Ballast. It's both!

Ideal racking for solar panels on a flat roof. Made in the USA by EZ-CRETE

Because SUNBALLAST® performs the functions of support and ballast to the photovoltaic module it reduces installation times by up to 70%. It is available in multiple angels of inclination from 0 ° to 30° for vertical, horizontal, and east-west installation.

SUNBALLAST® PV racking systems, exclusively crafted in the USA by EZ-CRETE, embody top-tier quality. Our commitment is to ensure SUNBALLAST® customers experience unparalleled reliability through straightforward, durable, secure, and longevity for our valued customers in the North American market.

All SUNBALLAST® products are wind tunnel tested, have a 25 year warranty and are UL2703 certified.