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Product Spotlight: EZ-TUBE (Precast Concrete Tube Footings)

A game-changer for professionals and DIY-ers alike, EZ-TUBE lightweight, precast concrete footings help make your projects more accessible.

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Because EZ-TUBE footings are lightweight, they can be installed without the use of heavy machinery. And because EZ-TUBE footings are precast, they eliminate the need to mix and cure concrete, which also allows you to install them in inclement weather.

This means that you can use EZ-TUBE for a variety of applications, like decks, solar arrays, and commercial platforms, and in a variety of locations, like areas that are inaccessible for heavy equipment — all while cutting project costs and time.

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EZ-TUBE Components

EZ Tube parts and how they connect to one another

The EZ-TUBE footing consists of a precast concrete base, an anchor rod, and lightweight precast concrete sections. The 100-pound (lb) base is attached to the anchor and designed to be easily rolled and dropped into your footing holes. The 70-lb stackable sections slide onto the anchor rod to your required height.

Strength and Durability

The EZ-TUBE design allows for light, portable sections without compromising strength. While EZ-TUBE’s upper sections are 30% lighter than most top-selling bags of concrete, the fully assembled footing has an average load strength of 135,000 lbs. And because EZ-CRETE manufactures its precast products in a climate-controlled facility with our proprietary concrete blend, the EZ-TUBE can withstand and endure harsh climate conditions. This means that your footings are built to last with little to no maintenance.

Easy Install

Because EZ-TUBE is comprised of precast concrete, you can skip the tedious and messy mixing, molding, and curing process that traditional poured concrete structures require. To install EZ-TUBE, simply:

That’s it, you’re done and ready to build on your new footings.

EZ-TUBE precast concrete footings allow you to save time and cut costs without sacrificing strength or quality. EZ-CRETE is the proud patent holder of the EZ-TUBE Precast Concrete Tube Footing. Find an EZ-CRETE retailer near you and easily create a strong, stable foundation for your next project.