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Precast Concrete Can Help Build a Better Grid

As U.S. support for rapid utility modernization grows, precast concrete is prepared to help lay new, sustainable foundations.

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Survey says: Most Americans are ready for an energy transition.

According to a recent WSP Pulse: Public Perspectives on Our Energy Future report, nearly 80 percent of Americans are worried about the state of our aging utility infrastructure, much of which was built more than 50 years ago. Specifically, concerns about grid dependability, safety, affordability, and climate impacts led 87 percent of Americans to say they would support new energy infrastructure projects that prioritize reliable, sustainable, and affordable electricity.

To achieve a modernized grid, utility projects need to use durable, cost-effective, versatile, sustainable products, and precast concrete can fulfill those needs.

1. Durable

EZ-CRETE’s products are manufactured in a climate-controlled facility that allows us to create the highest-quality precast concrete. Our proprietary concrete blend, formulated to create strong, long-lasting products, is mixed, poured, cured, and stored in an ideal environment so that the final product is durable and requires minimal maintenance.

2. Cost-Effective

Precast concrete products were found to be more than 20 percent cheaper to use than traditional poured concrete. Using premanufactured products often leads to less waste and rework on a project, and they can even eliminate the need for additional labor and materials. And because pre-cast concrete is so durable, maintenance costs are often slashed.

3. Versatile

Precast concrete can provide a variety of options, such as footings, pads, and bollards, that create a strong foundation or protective barrier for utility projects. For example, EZ-CRETE’s durable precast concrete pads are manufactured to fit a wide range of equipment, and our reinforced-core bollards are able to protect any structure. In addition to our pre-made products, we also offer customization so that you can design a product to fit specific project requirements.

4. Sustainable

Precast concrete is a sustainable construction product because it uses a variety of waste materials, recycled materials, and byproducts in its concrete blends and overall product. And because precast concrete is so durable, it requires fewer materials and replacements over time.

EZ-CRETE also offers some of the most environmentally friendly precast concrete products available because we:

According to Mike Case, Senior Vice President at WSP in the U.S., “gaining stakeholder support is one of the key steps to advance energy projects that increase transmission capacity and untap energy from new sources.”

At EZ-CRETE, we keep sustainability in mind in everything we do — from our material sourcing, to our manufacturing process, to our product offerings. We are ready to do our part to create a more reliable grid and a more sustainable future.