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Justin Borden Becomes a Master Precaster

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justin borden leaning against railing and smiling

Justin Borden graduated as NPCA Master Precaster earlier this year. Learn more about the impact of graduating the NPCA’s Master Precaster is having on Justin and what it all means to him.

What was the overall process of becoming a Master Precaster experience like?

In the last three years of taking classes with the NPCA I can say that I am overjoyed to have taken those first steps when I first started here at EZ-CRETE. From the first class I knew that I had chosen a path that was curated to train me to the best of my physical, mental, and professional wellbeing. To be done with the classes as soon as possible so I could start focusing on my career path was the goal. I can’t thank the people around me enough and the resources available to me while in the Master Precaster program. Everyone was more than helpful in furthering my education and career goals.

What are your biggest learnings from the program?

The biggest takeaway from this program is how many different aspects of this industry that I’ve come to understand are extraordinary. On the first day I would’ve never been able to fathom how many specific characteristics go into the process of making precast concrete.

What does being a Master Precaster mean to you?

Becoming a Master Precaster is my biggest professional and educational accomplishment to date. I am absolutely ecstatic with the opportunities becoming a Master Precaster has given me and can only imagine what the next 10 years are going to look like on this career path.

How has becoming a Master Precaster impacted your work at EZ-CRETE?

Becoming a Master Precaster has tremendously improved my knowledge in this field of work. I find myself referring back to the knowledge I learned daily. At EZ-CRETE we aren’t just Precasters, we use skills and knowledge obtained from throughout our life and career to get through our day to day production out on the floor.