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Benefits of Using Precast Concrete in Inclement Weather

Weather conditions are among the biggest challenges that residential and commercial construction projects face, so choosing the right building materials requires assessing potential hazards.

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Using materials like precast concrete instead of poured concrete can help overcome many of the challenges that inclement weather might bring to your project.

1. Concrete Integrity

Poured concrete requires near-perfect weather conditions to mix and cure a strong, durable product. Is it raining? Rainwater can dilute your concrete mixture and delay the curing process, ultimately compromising the structural integrity of your concrete. Is it freezing? Extreme cold can hinder or even stop the curing process, which affects the strength of the concrete. Is it humid? Excess moisture in the air can cause the mix to swell, limiting strength and increasing the risk of fractures, and promote mold growth.

Using EZ-CRETE precast concrete products eliminates these inclement weather hazards because our products are cast in a controlled environment. Our Master Precasters optimize the climate settings in our facility that result in the strongest, most reliable precast concrete products possible. Because our products are created and stored in this stable environment, they have sound structural integrity. This means that precast concrete has minimal degradation, is able to withstand harsh conditions, and requires little to no maintenance for years to come.

2. Time and Costs

Because pouring concrete in inclement weather typically results in compromised products, projects typically have to adjust their schedules or approach to compensate. For example, rain can cause project delays as they wait for the weather to improve, or cause project add-ons, such as adding extra drainage or poured concrete coverings. Of course, all delays and extra materials adds costs.

Using precast concrete allows you to install a finished, quality product on site during inclement weather. Precast concrete helps reduce construction time and labor costs, avoid project delays, and eliminate extra material costs.

3. Site Safety

Harsh weather conditions can introduce safety hazards for the project crew. For example, wet, muddy conditions might be too hazardous for using heavy machinery or vehicles because they can slide or become difficult to operate on unstable surfaces.

EZ-CRETE offers precast concrete solutions, such as EZ-TUBE footings, that do not require heavy machinery on site to install. Because these products are quick to install and require minimal tools, they can help establish a safer work environment, especially in harsh conditions.

Use precast concrete on your next project and have peace of mind knowing that you are using strong, durable products that can withstand and be installed in unpredictable conditions. Precast concrete can help make your project safer and more efficient without compromising quality.