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Benefits of Using Precast Concrete Deck Piers/EZ-PIER

Deck piers allow the owners of businesses and homes to build stable structures. As the name suggests, decks are among the structures you can build with these footings, but that’s not the only project you can complete with precast concrete.

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Get ready to build decks, porches, tiny homes, container buildings, and other constructions after reading about the benefits of using precast concrete deck piers.

solid precast footings from EZ-CRETE

1. Encourage DIY Builds

Building garages, decks, and other areas around your property are all possible DIY projects, but they require careful preparation. From building codes to quality materials, there is a lot to know about constructing anything on your property. Plus, any DIY task requires the right knowledge and skill, especially when you’re building something big. The right construction techniques are critical to complete safe, efficient construction tasks.

The easier it is to find great materials for decks and other structures, the easier it is to start building them on your property. Precast concrete materials don’t require any mixing or curing on-site, making it easier to complete quick construction projects on your property, whether in a personal or business space.

2. Ease Your Construction

Our EZ-PIER, a precast concrete deck pier simplifies the construction process, thanks to its easy installation. Concrete is a time-consuming building material to use, unlike precast concrete. When working with precast concrete, once your piers arrive, you are able to drop them in place easily and efficiently.

Don’t forget to prepare the right lifting equipment for your worksite. Precast piers are relatively easy to install, but they are heavy, so it’s not a simple task to accomplish by hand. For example, at EZ-CRETE, we carry precast foundation piers with heavy-duty designs that weigh 750 pounds. Luckily, as you’ll learn below, that hefty weight comes with big benefits. Fortunately, if you don’t have a forklift on site, there’s no need to worry because our EZ-TUBE product is the perfect solution for you. EZ-TUBE is our patented, stackable, precast concrete tube footing designed to streamline your deck-building process. No forklift is needed as you’re able to easily stack each section and set it in place.

3. Enjoy Great Results

Among the best benefits of using precast concrete deck piers is the final result. Easy installation is nice, but long-lasting results are critical to look at when determining the right footings. Thankfully, precast deck piers are strong materials that will support your structure for a long time when properly installed. These materials come in heavy-duty designs, so you can enjoy a long life span for the project you’re putting together.

Thanks to precast concrete, you can even work on your build in bad weather conditions. Whether it’s the intense winter or summer weather, precast concrete deck piers will remain strong. Explore our EZ-PIER and EZ-TUBE piers now if you’re ready to get your project started.