James Johansen has been with EZ-CRETE for 2 years, and was recently promoted to be our Operations Manager for NH & WI.

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What is your favorite product to pour, and why? I enjoy the custom pours. The challenge from design to pouring is all very interesting to me.

Generally speaking, what’s your favorite EZ-CRETE product and why? My favorite product is the EV Charging stations, I love the problem it solves and how we all collaborated with the client and the industry need to get to the design it is today.

Who or what motivates you, and why? My kids motivate me. I want to be able to show them that hard work pays off all while being able to provide for them and support all their endeavors.

What’s the most unique part about working at EZ-CRETE? The culture is unlike anywhere I have worked before. It truly is like a family that supports each other and helps everyone grow. It is by no accident we have such an amazing team. They all fit the same core values which allows us to grow as a company every day.

In your time at EZ-CRETE what has been your favorite project you’ve worked on, and why? My favorite and most challenging was installing the new batch plant, It was extremely challenging because non of use had ever done anything to that scale before. Not only did we have to reconnect everything but had to modify it to work in our plant at the same time. It was extremely rewarding to hear it run and make its first batch of concrete.

When you aren’t at work, where could we find you and what would you be doing? Mountain biking with my son or Skiing with my daughter. During the summer I can be found at Highland Mountain Bike Park every weekend. During the winter I can be found at Pats Peak.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Norway, its the only place where I have family that I haven’t been and it is a very beautiful place.