EZ-CRETE LLC is thrilled to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Superior Walls by Weaver to manufacture Superior Walls precast foundation walls in its Swanzey, NH location. This agreement marks a significant milestone in EZ-CRETE’s growth and will position the company to continue to expand its business regionally and beyond. 

“We’re excitedto be working with Superior Walls by Weaver to expand our manufacturing capabilities and deliver an awesome product to forward thinking customers in New England,” said Brice Raynor, owner of EZ-CRETE LLC. “When we came across this opportunity I immediately knew that we had to be involved. It fits so well with our existing product line and we really like working on innovative products that provide effective solutions to real problems. Superior Wall definitely meets that standard and our entire team is excited to get started on manufacturing this amazing product line.”

According to Al Lunn, General Manager of Superior Walls of the Northeast, “This is an exciting time for us, our Superior Walls are the best panelized concrete foundation and wall product in the market and because of the logistics cost they have been financially beyond reach of many of our potential New England customers. EZ-CRETE is the perfect partner for us to take this first step in building a New England operation that is both efficient and poised to effectively serve our customers and continue our double-digit growth. “

With production starting this month, EZ-CRETE will hire additional team members for its outstanding production team, supporting not only the Superior Walls line but also its existing line of precast concrete products, sales of which continue to grow at double digit rates.

About EZ-Crete
EZ-CRETE, a Swanzey, NH based precast concrete specialist, provides a range of precast concrete products and services for construction and foundation professionals. The mission of EZ-CRETE is to produce the highest quality, most dependable and durable precast concrete products, with a bold and innovative approach to design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our patented flagship EZ-TUBE product, a stackable precast concrete deck footing, makes the installation of footings for decks, porches, sheds, or additions a breeze.

To learn more about EZ-CRETE, visit https://www.ez-crete.com

About Superior Walls by Weaver
Superior Walls by Weaver (Ephrata, PA) is the first and oldest Superior Walls manufacturer and installer in the United States. Our team serves homeowners, architects, builders and developers who want precise, reliable factory built solutions to consolidate steps and reduce construction timelines and construct superior buildings. Customers rely on our expertise to keep their projects on schedule and for work, they can trust to be done the right way. 

To learn more about Superior Walls by Weaver, visit https://weaverprecast.com/